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Organic Insect-repellent Multi-purpose Fertilizer

Organic Insect-repellent Multi-purpose Fertilizer

Eccolizer is an organic insect-repellent multi-purpose fertilizer which is mainly prepeared from bagasse-based lignin. Application of this product increases soil quality progressively. For preparing this from lignin, it works as insect-repellent; it means it repells all types of insects, pests, germs, herbs, etc. detrimental for the plants. From the pilot conducted for the last 2 years over 1000 farmers' land, we see the yields have been increased by 11%. So, we hope this product will bring a green revolution by replacing the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are harming environmental components especially air, water and soil. It also helps the poor farmers, the actual customers, of Bangladesh for its 20% lower price than those of existing products. The market size of the product is about USD 3.33 and the number of customers is nearly 100 million. So, certainly this product has great potentials to capture a great market.
Founder Eccolizer, Founder Vela Chas Inc., Founder YPAIR (a Partner of HPAIR, Harvard Univ.), Life-Chair Co-founder, COO at KFMCSL a social development org.

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