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Kitchen Robots for solving everyday eating

Kitchen Robots for solving everyday eating

Nymble is a young gutsy consumer robotics startup based out of Bangalore solving the problem of eating fresh, good nutritive food everyday. We believe that the future of eating, is eating at home. And we are building that future by building Julia – a Kitchen Robot. Julia sits on your kitchen top and cooks fresh food for you, at the tap of a button, tailored to your taste – all without you having to put in time and effort. The opportunity to build a company that can so vastly impact the everyday lives of millions comes once a lifetime. Supporting and financially backing our ambitions are entrepreneurs who’ve done it themselves: Binny Bansal (Flipkart), Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta (Grey Orange Robotics). We are headquartered in India, with teams in Bengaluru (India), San Francisco (US) and Shenzhen (China). If you want to be a part of this rocket ship, write to us with your story at hello@nymble.in

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