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Imagining new culinary possibilities.

Senior Electronics Technician

$100k – $155k estimated
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About Creator:
Founded in 2009 and located in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, Creator is a small collective of food lovers and engineers with decades of robotics and restaurant experience. In the past five-plus years, we’ve solved many difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges, helped each other grow, and built some interesting intellectual property.

Our first device makes gourmet burgers from scratch. Not only do we literally grind the meat to order, we also slice tomatoes, onions, pickles, and a brioche roll fresh for you. Accented by an infinitely personalizable variety of produce, seasonings, and sauces, you can get exactly what you’re craving. Serving a burger this great at such affordable prices would be impossible without culinary automation.

We’re building an engineering-focused group of analytic and creative individuals. The team consists of roboticists from institutions including Berkeley and Stanford and firms like Tesla and NASA. Our culinary team contains veterans of  Chez Panisse and Fat Duck. Our advisors include experts across fields like engineering, culinary, design, intellectual property, and even a NRN Restaurant Operator of the Year Award winner. Additionally, we’re further advised and supported by some of the top investors in the Silicon Valley.

About the Team That’s Hiring:
We're a small multidisciplinary team of engineers and fabricators who work alongside very bright robots. We all focus on making the highest-quality gourmet food.

You are:
* Proficient in soldering: Able to surface mount components of scale 0603 and larger. Experienced with proper heat sinking of sensitive components during soldering as well as ESD procedures. Able to do combination of surface mount and through-hole components on a board. Able to reflow solder connections on a board for rework.
* Proficient in electronics: Able to read and understand schematics. Familiar with basic concepts of electronics components. Able to read and understand component datasheets. Proficient in the tools of the trade: oscilloscope, multimeter, etc.
* Proficient in cabling and wiring: Able to read wiring diagrams. Able to construct wiring harnesses of medium complexity. Proficient in the tools of the trade: hand crimping, soldering, pin extraction, strain relief. Able to document cable/wiring.
* General fabricator/prototyper: Able to use basic hand tools for modifying or creating simple enclosures.

You will:
* Create/Modify wiring harnesses: In order to constantly improve or extend our capabilities, prototype and production wiring harnesses are made or modified to meet our needs. This requires working closely with the design engineers to gather requirements and capture needs and capabilities.
* Assemble and test PCBAs: As new capabilities or issues arise, there is a need to diagnose in-place or create test setups. This requires a methodical approach and diligence to gain the most insight.
* Maintain Electronics Prototype Shop: There will always be a need to quickly mock up a circuit and interface with it. To support that effort we maintain a set of tools and supplies to tackle on-the-fly prototyping and creation of assemblies. It will also be important to add new functionality over-time.
* Run and maintain tests: There is always a need to have someone proficient in the operation and testing of our devices. This will be especially important as new capabilities in the system are brought online or issues pop-up in the field.

To apply: 
Please send a resume, portfolio/sample of your work and cover letter that tells us why you care about what we do and why you’d be a great fit.

Creator doesn’t discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We’re committed to being a team that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics.

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