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Remote Autonomous Aerial Monitoring Solutions

Remote Autonomous Aerial Monitoring Solutions

Easy Aerial’s Smart Security System is a mobile, durable, autonomous holistic remote aerial monitoring solution for the perimeter security industry (i.e. storage sites, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities, construction sites, seaports, airports etc.). Our propriety technology delivers both scheduled and on-demand real-time monitoring data tailored to our clients’ exact needs and requirements, at an affordable cost. Each Smart Security System has the following components: • Easy Drone - lightweight, cable-free electric-charged drone with AI capabilities, carrying various payloads for an extended flight time (up to 50 minutes); • Easy Guard - mobile, durable, self-sustaining “housing” ground station that provides protection from the elements as well as patented precision landing and automatic charging (up to 50 minutes per cycle); and • Easy RMS - unique fleet-management software channeling video and data transmission in real-time, and managing all relevant security sensors.

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