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We invented Office Mail Automation



Jess Garza

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Marketing, communications, and training for entrepreneurial teams. Working at Manager of Learning at Scaleworks helping develop B2B SaaS professionals.
Director of Marketing @EarthClassMail. Formerly @Tenfold @mlbdailydish @BtBScore.
Content Creator @Evolve Labs.Love • Former Writer & Process Innovator @Operator-Inc • & Customer Experience Specialist @EarthClassMail

Carrie Lewis

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Worked at Scaleworks

Vladimir Laypa

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Worked at Earth Class Mail, Zirmed

Carrie Lewis

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Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Strategy Specialist

Daniel Finkle

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I worked for a startup called Earth Class Mail for almost 10 years. I am a graduate from George Fox University with a Bachelor's in Project Management.

Zach Behrman

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A multi-faceted sales leader with experience in start-up environments. Successful in building strategic initiatives for B2B sales and SaaS customer retention.

Board members and advisors

Jonathan Siegel

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At times deeply engaged at RightCart, RightScale, RightSignature, Exceptional, Airbrake, and RedisToGo. Now advise, invest and operate at Xenon Ventures.

Lew Moorman

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Building SaaS companies @Scaleworks. Growing a city at @SATechBloc. Former Racker.

Former team

Steven Maguire

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Katie Menzies

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Doug Breaker

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Jason Eisenmenger

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Cristina Freund

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Tyler Palmer

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