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Every once in a while, life knocks on your door with an opportunity too good to pass up. Listen closely. Life just knocked. Earth Class Mail is your opportunity. Here's why we're different:

* A proven product that great companies love and pay for: screw finding "product market fit". We found it. Great companies like Twilio, Expensify, CoreOS, and KnowYourCompany.com pay us money and value what we provide. Most have been customers for years. Thousands of of businesses and customers happily pay us money.
* Run rate schmun rate: We make money. As in "profit".
* Stellar ownership: Xenon Ventures owns us. Xenon Ventures invests in high growth tech companies and helps them make the jump from good to great. Read more on Xenon here: earthclassmail.com/blog/whats-new-with-ecm
* You get to step on the bus at the right time. Xenon Ventures bought us in June and we're bringing on a bunch of key teammates over the coming months. The time is now to play a key role in building something great.

If you pine for the pace and thrill of a startup, but want to avoid the risk and get paid, let's talk.

If this describes you, you'll shine.

* Results drive you. You abhor nonsense and love materially improving things. You can't stand politics.
* The buck stops with you. You love taking ownership and having all eyes on your results.
* You work best with crazy smart, fun, genuine, passionate, motivated people who don't tolerate bs or nonsense.
* An inner fire burns in you to build things that make customers say, "shut the front door, I love that!"
* You constantly search for the "minimum effective dose" that provides maximum payoff.
* Ambiguity and unknown situations make you smile and jump in with both feet. When you emerge after building something rock solid and repeatable, you beam like a new parent.

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