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Earn digital currency for replying to emails and completing tasks



Former CTO of Coinbase, General Partner at a16z. Cofounder of Earn, Counsyl, Teleport, Coin Center. MIT TR35, Stanford PhD. Currently EIC at nakamoto.com


Chief Operating Officer
Multidisciplinary Electrical Engineer in Semiconductor Field Apps. Supported over 150 hardware companies over 4+ years. Produced electrical design on contract.
CEO at KeyIdeas • PhD in mathematics and MBA from Stanford

Victoria Frost

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Dedicated, approachable, reliable, personable and motivated.I find enjoyment in helping people and organizations become successful.
Managing partner @ Dragonfly. Formerly Metastable, @Airbnb, @Earn.com. Effective Altruist. Writer. Former poker pro. One always finds one's burden again.

Lily Liu

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China; Hospitals; Investing; Bitcoin; KKR; McKinsey; Stanford; Harvard.
CTO at Earn.com

Eli Haims

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Self-motivated, team-centric software engineer with an academic background in math and economics. Interested in blockchain, machine learning, and fintech.

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Ben Horowitz

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Founding Partner at Andreessen-Horowitz
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