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Predicting Litigation Outcomes

Predicting Litigation Outcomes

Know more. Spend less.

Companies facing the black box of litigation crave predictability more than anything else.

ENAp is the only provider that can deliver LOCAL CASE APPRAISALS from a world-wide network of prestigious Neutrals. We offer LITIGATION PREDICTABILITY and a significant ROI through better outcomes.

We shine a light into the dark cloud of litigation exposure by delivering unbiased valuations and assessments of costly lawsuits. Our neutrals are unbiased mediators, arbitrators and retired judges IN THE AREA where your case is to be decided.

Our method works at any stage of a case life cycle (pre-discovery to appeal) and anywhere in the world (including international arbitration).

Patent pending.
Founder Early Neutral Appraisals (ENAp) Litigation Consultant looking to change the way high-stakes litigation is evaluated.

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