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Healthcare IT Solutions & Enterprise Application Development

Healthcare IT Solutions & Enterprise Application Development

VerifiCare Pro is an innovation from eCosmos, a company with a legacy of success in healthcare solutions. With over a decade of experience, eCosmos, the parent company of Verificare Pro, has a legacy of delivering trusted solutions.

VerifiCare Pro provides technology-driven solutions developed by industry leaders in healthcare. We’ve identified directory data inaccuracy as a key contributor to costly breakdowns in the healthcare system that is ready to be solved now. VerifiCare Pro is setting a new standard for directory data management by improving accuracy through proactive verification and business-specific solutions.

Hareesh Shastry

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Rutvij Kanzaria

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Full-stack JavaScript Developer. Frontend Architect with powerful skills in React JS/Native, Redux, MERN Stack, Babel, Webpack, immutable.js.


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Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

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