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Dot Coms Without The Comma

Dot Coms Without The Comma

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The last time you went to buy a domain - how many times did you find out the domain was not only already taken but also up for sale? We are willing to bet that it's happened one time too many. Think of all the great things you could have done with that domain!

Well, now you can. With DynaDomains we are able to take those eye-wateringly expensive domains that are fetching 5-6 figures and get you access to use them for 5 - 6 dollars. Now you can use that previously unattainable (but awesome) domain for your next marketing campaign! You can associate your business and brand with a domain people will actually remember all while improving your SEO.

How can we offer low prices? Well, that is the secret sauce. DynaDomains technology allows us to have a single domain be leased by hundred or thousands of people all at the same time! Each lease is exclusive over a defined geographic area that the lessee gets to define.

Domain owners get a nice sweet commission off each lease - which will net them a nice residual income while they wait years for the domain to sell. Business owners and marketers benefit from this by being able to leverage amazing, memorable, and practical domains for prices that are not remotely available anywhere else on the internet.

We do this all by providing a seamless experience on the internet - you won't even notice that we are there when you use a domain on DynaDomains, but your bank account will.

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Founder of DynaDomains. Professional Software Engineer with Entrepreneurial grit.