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Re-imagining TXT MSG + CHATBOTS for banking.

Re-imagining TXT MSG + CHATBOTS for banking.

Dyme is a white label, B2B2C platform that creates a new way for banking customers to interact with their financial lives.

Banks have become undifferentiated utilities, bank apps are bulky, budgeting solutions have a very low engagement rate, and bank language is boring.

Dyme re-imagines the way banking customers relate to their finances. Via TXT and Facebook Messenger Chat, users can:

-Quickly check balances and history
-Receive triggered alerts due to low balance or large transaction with selectable actions
-Save small amounts in the moment towards financial goals
-Receive ongoing guidance/education to help them reach their longterm goals

Most importantly, we tailor our messaging to the specific business objectives of the bank. This helps us stay razor focused on delivering ROI for each institution, whether they are focused on acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, cross-selling, or increasing customer financial outcomes.

Finovate Fall 2015 Best in Show.

Joseph Prather

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Founder @ otislabs. Music Supervisor & Producer @ scoutmusic. Formerly @Dyme.co.

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