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The most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets



Antonio Juliano

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Founder of dYdX. Previously Software Engineer at Coinbase, Uber, MongoDB. Princeton CS


Gian Raciti

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Passionate about technology, music and baseball. Talent Acquisition, Purple Squirrel Hunter, IT Recruiter, amateur photographer and proud Uncle...

Achal Srinivasan

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now: cs @riceuniversity, organizing @hackingrice. prev: eng. intern @readmeio, alum @riceowlspark

Ken Schiller

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Leading blockchain engineering at Blend. Previously Google X and Waymo, where I led a project relied on by teams at X to capture data from manufacturing.

Sam Weinberg

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Everett Hu

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Zhuoxun Yin

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Head of Ops at dYdX. Formerly @Nimble Pharmacy and @Bain & Company. Economics @University of Queensland

Board members and advisors

I build, scale, and lead startups: #2 @Coinbase; #12 @Airbnb; formerly @Scribd, @Google. Began recruiting agency in London. MEng @Queen Mary University.
Founder & Angel Investor Advisor: @Uber @Expa Investor: @Uber @Coinbase @Forward @Color Genomics @useheartbeat @blue-bottle-coffee @dYdX @RADAR
Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, product and law
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