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Solar Sales Engine

Solar Sales Engine

Dvinci Energy is solar energy sales engine that is uniquely placed in the best position to succeed as the world transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Dvinci connects consumers and businesses to local financiers and installers in their local area, allowing homeowners to go solar at no cost, while locking in their rates, and helping them save 30-50% off of their electric bill the day they get installed. This organization has a revolutionary business model that allows homeowners and commercial building owners to choose from different financing companies, suppliers, and installers, making it the only company in the industry to have that kind of flexibility. With the relationships and infrastructures currently in place, along with world-class training and experienced leadership, Dvinci is positioned to take over the solar market as the largest transfer of wealth in history takes place. Empower and be Empowered with Dvinci Energy!

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Ahmad Ali Hodroj

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Founder and COO of Dvinci Energy, a sustainable technology startup based out of Boston, MA. Recent UMB graduate with a BA in Economics. Author. Investor.