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To get a better idea of what a year at dv01 looks like, check out our 2018 Year in Review page here: https://dv01.co/2018yearinreview/. If that looks like fun to you, get in touch because we'd love to hear from you.
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Priscilla Philavong
Senior Technical Recruiter


Bond Trader turned Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO @dv01


Dean Chen

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CTO @dv01

Kevin Hsu

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Analytics, Data, Financial Risk, Risk Modeling

Henry Cohen

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Lehigh EE, data engineering experience and functional programming enthusiast looking for cutting edge, fast moving opportunities.

Janice Joo

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UI/UX Engineer, with background in data visualization and product design

Mike Hartman

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Bradford Toney

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Lifelong passion for engineering. Self taught and self motivated learner.

Ethan Zornow

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Working at dv01

Laura Drobbin

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Worked at dv01

Priscilla Philavong

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I specialize in honest recruitment and representation of top-tier IT industry professionals. I use my experience to build effective and efficient teams.
Over four years of experience as an Executive Assistant, Office Manager and in Social Media. Excellent work ethic, friendly personality and positive attitude.

Jonathan Warrick

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Full Stack Software Engineer with Analytics and Modeling Background (Ernst & Young, Barclaycard); Grad of Michigan, UVA; Engineer at Hack Reactor
Bond Trader turned Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO @dv01

Board members and advisors

Co-Founder @Long Game • Executive Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University • Studied at @Princeton University @University of Oxford @Sorbonne
Co-Founder & CEO of LendingHome Built 8 companies since 2004 Invested in 100+ startups
Colleague of Naval Ravikant at @Epinions. Colleague of David Mease at @Yahoo