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Leading E-Commerce Provider in Cannabis



Co-Founder at Dutchie - Previous Founder at GrubCanada.com (acquired by Just-Eat)

Zach Lipson

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Co-founder and CPO at Dutchie • Previous Co-founder at RepPro (acquired - 1/18) • BA in Business from Michigan State University


Julia MC Anderson

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Friendly administrative professional offering excellent client engagement & live support skills. Dependable Scheduling Coordinator and Manager.

Michael Elliott

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I lead and grow teams that build software with a focus on quality, and thrive in teams with a culture of continuous improvement. https://elliotec.com

Carlos Donze

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Experienced Creative Marketing and Content Strategist with a focus on leveraging the power of storytelling to engage, connect, and close.

Daniel Rodriguez

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Full Stack Web Developer

Amanda Mooers

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Director of Operations at @dutchie, making cannabis accessible • 1st employee @DoorDash and scaled support • Strong background in people and solving problems!

Ches Courtney

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Director of Talent Acquisition at dutchie

Matthew Cox

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Nick Harsell

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Jon Kunkel

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Michael Hunter

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Software developer living in the Pacific Northwest interested in systems programming, web applications, and applied math.

Alex Marmon

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Full Stack Developer - Nodejs, React, Mobx, AWS. Currently @dutchie, founder @Two7 & @Thats Lofty
CTO @ @dutchie . Former CTO at @RetireUp. Former Co-Founder & CTO @RepPro. Software Engineer. CS @ WMU.

Riley Lundquist

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Software Engineer @dutchie and @StockManager, Kalamazoo College CS, interest in environmental & social responsibility

Former team

Kurt Armstrong

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Alexander Tang

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