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Smart Automation for Invoice Collection

Smart Automation for Invoice Collection

DUNFORCE transforms the way companies manage their invoices. It is the first Intelligent Collecting Agent. It uses the latest technologies of AI and machine learning to solve this huge challenge of getting paid.

Because for every company in the world, getting paid is a pain.
Collecting invoices is a waste of time, energy and resources.
Nobody likes to do it. People are afraid to offend their client.
And payments are always late. Cash flow is under pressure...

DUNFORCE is focusing on this specific job, chasing up invoices on your behalf.
DUNFORCE integrate a smart algorithm that will respect the relationship with the client.
DUNFORCE is very easy and very affordable, for everyone in the company.

Our goal is to make company's productivity increase by letting Dunforce do the non pleasant hard-work of collecting invoices for you.
DUNFORCE was recently selected by Wayra, Telefonica’s incubator for digital start-ups and Start Up Next, a google for entrepreneurs program.
Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. Managed numerous digital projects over the last 5 years. Education: Telecom Sud Paris - LaTrobe University (Melbourne)
Between Software Development, AI & Transportation Engineering
Founder DUNFORCE • Studied at @Universite Paris Dauphine, @Escp Europe strong entrepreneurship experience, in telecom & media, B2B.