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AI Assisted Automated Security Incident Response

AI Assisted Automated Security Incident Response

DTonomy solves a critical problem facing Security teams today: too many alerts and incidents that exceed the capacity of skilled professionals to investigate and resolve them.

Organizations today have hundreds to thousands of daily alerts from hundreds of sources and these numbers will only continue to grow. Most organizations are short staffed which results in inconsistent investigation processes, high mean time to response, increased risk and analyst burnout.

DTonomy’s Assisted Incident Response platform (AIR) orchestrates hundreds of internal and external data sources and tools into a single platform, and leverages automation and artificial intelligence to enable analysts to triage all alarms and threats, not just the highest rated or most critical, without additional investment in resource.

AIR’s unique adaptive learning engine continuously learns, provides contextual insights that are not easily discoverable, and makes relevant recommendations and automated workflows to guide IT teams through steps and procedures, resulting in up to 10 times quicker resolution of incidents, decreased downtime, and reduced alert fatigue for staff.

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