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AR Smart Packaging and Virtual Drop gifting

AR Smart Packaging and Virtual Drop gifting

AudioDrops is a social playlist for the places you go. It's Pokemon Go, for Music. It introduces a new way to experience the world using location technology, enabling anyone leave and discover sounds anywhere. We embody the spirit of play while allowing for deep connections between people, place, music and memory. Though we have started with audio, our patent pending mechanism for dropping, collecting, and interacting with any digital content gives users the ability to curate the world with media that can entertain, explain or enlighten. We created a location-based experience that doesn't rely on plotting points on a map and believe AudioDrops will incentivize people to explore and connect with their world in delightful new ways.

Social Media intern

Swift Developer Intern

Entrepreneur, Creative Technologist, Dad. CEO, AudioDrops. Organizer NYMusicTech Meetup.