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Amazon For Innovation Financing

Amazon For Innovation Financing

DropDeck is decentralized, cross-border investment & lending platform for startups & SMEs. Our mission is to accelerate capital flow into innovative and thriving companies, to drive innovation worldwide and improve everyone’s future quality of life. So far, we're trying to combine AI and blockchain elements in an attempt to streamline venture investment & lending, to go beyond what other investment & lending platforms are offering, without having to rely heavily on big data partnerships. Blockchain can disrupt investment and lending in many ways - forced payment, controlled spending, crypto-credit history, etc. We also design an "incentive system," using our DropDeck Token (DDD) to tightly knit the benefits of many actors together in order for them to collaborate in best interest of investors and lenders on our platform.

Web Frontend Lead

Chief Hustler

Chief Smart Contract Architect/Blockchain Co-founder

Chief Innovative Risk Analyst/Financial Co-founder

Community/Marketing manager (a full or partial role is welcome)

Chief AI Architect/Data Scientist

Product Manager, Business Analyst, AI & Blockchain evangelist, UX designer, Epistemologist, Cosmology & Neuroscience enthusiast, Elon worshipper, Kungfu master
Both tech and finance base. 1 man army for 3 sucessed fintech startups. Python/Django/Postgrest/Redis/Celery/Scikit/HTML/CSS/JS/MachineLearning. Linux 8 years.