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Your marketplace for drone services

Your marketplace for drone services

Dronesperhour wants help enable the emerging drone ecosystem by connecting pilots and projects in a simple and transparent way.

When it comes to emerging technology, the effect that any new innovation has on economic growth is only truly realized if and when it is widely adopted. From electricity to the internet, an invention doesn't immediately change the world just because it has been made. It takes education and transparency to turn isolated innovation into widespread change. The commercial drone market has this potential to create thousands of new jobs and access a total available market (TAM) of $127 Billion. Yet, the space is still obscure and difficult to navigate. Many firms either don't know how drones can help them, or how to find qualified drone pilots for the best price. We aim to connect drone operators to business projects to not only provide transparency in the marketplace, but also to actively educate businesses about the benefits.
Founder at Dronesperhour.com. Experience with building ventures in Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow, Manila, and New York. Went to University Of St.Gallen

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