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The Leading Drone Software Platform with Unlimited Flying, Mapping, and Sharing



Nicholas Pilkington

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Founder @DroneDeploy @Luno. Worked @Nvidia @Toshiba. PhD @University of Cambridge Machine Learning. 2nd place ch24.org world finals. @Full Stack @DevOps

Jono Millin

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Founder @DroneDeploy, AdvertEyes, Zoom2Work. MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning PhD @University of Edinburgh Worked @BSG.


Gunthar Hartwig

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User Experience and Product Design

brooks allwardt

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Arrikka Hunter

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Worked at Tradeshift

Josh Lind

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My specialty is web development, front-end UX, content management, data flow, and metrics. I believe in design systems and open-source tools. @DroneDeploy


Full stack marketer: product marketing, demand generation, brand storytelling.

Evan Bashir

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Sr. Product Designer @DroneDeploy • Co-Founder @Wavio
Director of Software at @Mark One

Olya Royall

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Tech industry insider with a business perspective. Lover of proper indentation, clean modular and maintainable code. Overzealous super fast learner.

Joseph Lee

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Full-Stack Software Engineer. Experienced with JavaScript, Python, Angular 2, React, and more.

Gerson Pineda

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Software Quality Assurance Engineer at DroneDeploy

Eric Povero

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Account Executive at DroneDeploy, a leader in aerial drone mapping and drone-based photogrammetry software.

Meghan Strauss

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tiny but mighty, experienced office ninja.
Princeton Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, also had a focus on computer science, Graduated with honors
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Board members and advisors

Jake Saper

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Rory O'Driscoll

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GP @Scale Venture Partners since 1993 • Investor @Omniture, @Box @DocuSign, @Axcient, @Exact looking for more like them

Jeff Clavier

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Managing Partner at Uncork Capital (formerly SoftTech VC , one of the first micro-vcs, before it was cool ;). Invested in 200+ cos in 15 years. And loving it.
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Former team

Yusuf Rafiqzada

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Vlad Orlenko

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Grace Choma

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Ian Smith

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Rachael Gingery

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Shraddha Zingade

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