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Harnessing AI to Deliver Data-Driven Personalized Medicine at Scale

Harnessing AI to Deliver Data-Driven Personalized Medicine at Scale

Droice Labs is an AI company specializing in understanding real-world clinical data to solve problems across the healthcare system. Our solutions provide answers to the key questions that healthcare entities have, helping them to make optimal decisions and to better understand diseases and the patients they affect. Our products use state of the art AI to help identify undiagnosed/misdiagnosed/mistreated patient populations. The insights are valuable for all stakeholders in healthcare: hospitals gain revenue in risk-sharing contracts, payers save money through increasing care efficiency, and life sciences identifies populations where their therapies perform appropriately. We use this technology to help payers, providers and hospital finance teams to fill documentation correctly, capture missed revenue, and fill care gaps. With our deep patient and disease understanding engine, we also help payers detect overbilling, design better plans and prioritize the right interventions to cover. droicelabs.com

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