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Quality education for everyone using meaningful technology intervention

Jobs at Driya Interactive

Driya is a for cause company. The cause we are committed to is Education.

Driya wants to change the way technology intervention has been done in education sector in India. We have collaborated with well known educationists and education organizations in India to achieve this. We believe in a quote by Tracy Chou, 'without the humanities, great tech can not exist'.

We understand ground level constraints faced by our users by working with variety of schools right from tribal schools to international ones to make sure that we build meaningful products. We make sure that the content we create is interactive so that the students can participate actively instead of passively consuming it. We use the power of cloud and AI while building things that provides an autonomy to our users on multiple platforms.

We encourage a strong learning culture at Driya. Everyone gets an exposure to variety of aspects of product suite development including research, ux, game design, programming, cloud, etc. as well as educational aspects such as pedagogical concepts & instructional design. In fact, their contribution does not remain limited to the product or the company but rather extends to a great cause of education.