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Andrew Prystai

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I have a passion for bringing ideas to life. Currently living this passion as co-founder of Drive Spotter and as a participant in Techstars Mobility.

James Augeri

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Building @jingle-3, Founder @Drive Spotter (Techstars Mobility 2016), Rise of the Rest & TEDx alum, Comp Sci PhD & Master Bit Flipper. Enjoy connecting others.


Tanner Evans

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Robin Onsay

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MSU CE; 2016 KPCB Fellowship finalist (~1000 applicants ~80 finalists); won 3/6 Major League Hacking hackathons I’ve attended;
Marketer, Community Manager, lover of social entrepreneurship

Molly Misek

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Board members and advisors

Kurt Eaves

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Vice President at Grinnell Mutual. Board member of Grinnell Select Insurance Company, Grinnell Specialty Agency and MyCompass, Inc.

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Douglas Brandstetter

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