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Crowdfunding for the Ambitious

Crowdfunding for the Ambitious

DreamSparkr is a crowdfunding platform which focuses on funding and collaborating with the most ambitious of campaigns ranging from $100,000 and up. DreamSpark allows for you to provide daily updates to your backers during the entire campaign process showing off the culture which drives campaigns on a day to day basis. DreamSpark allows for the general public to influence which campaigns gain the most exposure and allow for campaigns which show the great levels of culture to thrive within the community. What we are enabling entrepreneurs to do is collaborate with customers and early adopters to not only gain insight on current projects in the campaign but to also gain maximum insight into future developments as well. We're focused on entrepreneurs who not only want to create a service or project that brings in great levels of influence and revenues but also want to affect the daily lives of the general market by creating not only innovative projects but powerful companies as a whole.

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Tyler Hackett

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Founder and CEO of DreamSparkr