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Dreamers Inc is a small, fully remote company, interested in anything interesting. We hunt down unsolved puzzles, take them apart, and put them back together in new and interesting and often unexpected ways. Our company culture revolves around the joyful pursuit of knowledge, loving disrespect, and always citing sources in a spirited debate. We probably won't build a supercomputer that would take over society as we know it. Probably.
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Experienced Scala Engineer

In search of functional programmers with a lot of scala experience


Devops Engineer

Posted 6 months ago

Hello to you, kind humans of Earth. We're essentially looking for somebody who enjoys the various puzzles involved with enabling smooth development.


Time Series AI Engineer

We are looking for somebody who has experience playing with financial models, python experience, and ideally, MT4. Extra points if you have worked with VS 08.


Penetration Tester

Looking for somebody who truly sees this as a fluid puzzle, and has a deep understanding of low-level systems and networks. OSI model should be cake to you.


Rails Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

We're building cool things with interesting tools. Primarily, we're looking for people who get that, and appreciate it.