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Everyday at DrDoctor Should Be Fun We want everyone to be happy and have good work-life harmony, and we are at hand to make sure that happens. As mentioned earlier we think a relaxed work environment is a productive one, so expect to hang out on the sofa with a cold can of coca-cola. Most importantly, we really do like spending time with each other outside of work. On Monday evenings there is Vinyasa flow Yoga (we’re all desperately trying to perfect our crow pose), and on Thursday mornings some of us play squash. We regularly do team building activities/days - our last one was zip-lining in the park opposite our offices. There are occasional larger trips to look forward to such as skiing! On top of that, our office is positioned opposite a city farm where a few of us enjoy volunteering with the animals, including Sergeant Broccoli the sheep, and the vegetable patches. There’s also a great food market every day, just a 2-minute walk away on Lower-Marsh. Fun is definitely a big part of who we are and what we do, and we want our clients to be a part of that too. We host a summer rooftop extravaganza party every year to get everyone in the same place. But one party is never enough for us! Every Christmas we host another extravaganza, this time just of us at DrDoctor. There really is something for everyone, and if there’s anything else you’d like to do, just let us know. We love to try out new stuff!

Perks and benefits

Enhanced mat and pat leave

Flexible working

We see a lot of benefits in enabling our people to work when and where they're the most effective. That means we get to work with talent globally and allows existing team members to travel to where life takes them! A big win for everyone!

25 + 8 bank holidays

Dog friendly!

Development frameworks and ongoing support

We believe feedback is a huge part of your growth, so we have made 1:1s a regular and everyone develops personal OKRs to ensure we're focused! You can request books for the office library!

We like to celebrate!

**Partners Included** Partners are invited to our End of Sprint Pub sessions and the Christmas Party. **Summer Party** Each summer we celebrate our birthday and success with our clients at a local venue with a DJ and more!