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Collaborative PDF annotation and workflow

Collaborative PDF annotation and workflow

Drawboard has two products - "Bullclip" and "Drawboard PDF" (preinstalled on Microsoft Surface, globally), focusing on design and construction.

Recently launched, Bullclip is a team SaaS platform focusing on communications and drawings / supporting documents. Much in the same way of Google Docs or OneNote, imagine being able to see everyone's markups and edits in real time on any PDF drawing or document whether you are on a mobile device, desktop or through a web browser. Bullclip is a document management system that is the first of its kind to eliminate the need to print, eliminate version control problems, and seamlessly link your project data. It is the first powerful PDF platform to be real-time collaborative, cross platform & web and combine project workflow.

Drawboard PDF, is a single person PDF markup app available on Windows 10. It has retained the number one position as top paid app of the Windows Store for three years straight, enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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Founder @Drawboard • Worked at @Deloitte, @WorleyParsons Most notable for having PDF app, Drawboard PDF, globally preinstalled on Surface