Freelance Social Media Marketing & WordPress/WooCommerce/AWS EC2 web design consultancy

Can you SELL my social media marketing service to businesses?

$1k – $50k • No equity
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Hi. Thanks for applying to my job ad.

My freelance business provides social media marketing services to clients.
I specialise in facebook ads, instagram ads, and google ads.
This is my freelance service to companies.

Sell my service to businesses/companies. If you turn a lead into a client for me, then you get 50% of what clients pays me monthly.
Please note. Your job is to SELL my service and turn leads into clients.
It is NOT my job to sell. It is just my job to provide my service to companies.
Your job is to get me clients.

I can easily get email addresses and phone numbers of many businesses. No problem. I can easily phone them myself. No problem. But I am not a sales expert. I am also too busy. I dont want to do the selling. This is your job.
Your job is to successfully sell my service to other businesses(small or big).

Too many people think they just need to arrange meeting between company and me, and then I must close the deal. This is not what I want.
It is your job to close the deal.
My job is ONLY to provide my service.

If the client pays me $1500/month, you get $750/month.
If the client is poor(small budget), I will charge them $500-$1000/month, and you will get 50% per month.
This is a GREAT deal.

Please note, you need to be experienced with closing deals. For example, Dan Lok is an expert at closing deals.
If you can get me 10 or more clients, I will add a bonus payment for you.

Also note, no clients, no payment.
If you get me 2 clients for $1500 each, you will get $1500/month...
If you get me 10 clients for $1500 each, you will get $7500/month.



Freelance Social Media Marketing & WordPress/WooCommerce/AWS EC2 web design consultancy

DRAGON WBDZN SECOMM focuses on E-Commerce, Web Design, and Social Media Marketing. Their company has offices in Remote. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://dragonwbdzn.wordpress.com/ or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.