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Non-wearable health and wellness monitor



Ashwin Mazumdar

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Digital Marketing Lead at Dozee: Awarded India's number 1 tech startup by Govt of India

Debayani Bose

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Narayan Kurkute

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Fighter | Learner | Startup Enthusiast. Manager - Software development,Version controlling
COO @turtle-shell-technologies Ex-consultant @BCG, @Indian Institute Of Technology - Bombay graduate

Vibhor Saran

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Data Scientist, Researcher and experienced in machine and deep learning.

Arpan Das

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Software Engineer at Turtle Shell Technologies. Responsible for building, modifying, and maintaining business layer APIs and SDKs

Shashank Prasad Rao

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Pursuing MS in CS @TU Delft, Netherlands . Machine Learning and Deep Learning researcher & developer.

Former team

Pratik Jadhav

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Narashiman P

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Udit Dhawan

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