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Non-wearable health and wellness monitor

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We are a bunch of passionate individuals who have come together, with a strong desire, to improve the lives of people using technology, design and service. We are looking for people who share our vision and ideals.

We are looking for individuals who,
-Can work as a team
-Can handle pressure
-Lend a helping hand to others
-Willing to talk to a customer
-Believe they can impact the world
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Business Development Executive

Posted 8 months ago


•Identify potential leads, qualify them and coveting them into prospective customers
•Talk to prospective customers, providing them with relevant product details and to convert them into sales.
•Payment processing and coordinating with product installation and service teams f...

Software Engineer

Software Engineer - Full Stack

Posted 7 months ago

Dozee is a patented contact-less health, sleep and stress monitor, started by IIT alumni. It is a thin sensor sheet which goes below user's mattress and tracks their heartbeat and respiration with more than 98% accuracy as compared to golden standards.