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Founder/CEO @ @Doximity. Previously Founder @ @Epocrates (EPOC).


Alli Koch

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Kim Hsiao

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Lauren Juson

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Emily Reid

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Shari Buck

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Doximity Co-founder and Head of Product

kim hsiah

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Rebecca Zhou

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Jackie Grubbs

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Morgan Lagier

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UX Designer w/ Engineering Background

Matthew Witek

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Ken Rhines

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Design & build new divisions & cool new solutions for pharma. Worked at Doximity, Medscape, WebMD, IMS Health. Sales, Analytics, Statistics. La Salle, GWU.

Joel Davis

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Board members and advisors

Experienced Pediatrician, Primary Care Virtualist, Nutrition Expert, Products at Doximity, Healthtap and PreventScripts, Population Health and MACRA Expert

Rebecca Lynn

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Co-Founder of @Canvas Ventures Ventures. Worked at @Morgenthaler Ventures. Interested in Fintech, Enterprise Tech, Marketplaces, and DeepTech.
Enterprise Sales. Investor. Advisor. Formerly LinkedIn 2005-2012
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Former team

Ryan Sheehan

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Marcus Derencius

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Matt Pickle

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Sean Harris

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Kanav Jain

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Deryn Russell

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