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Sales professional for a growing tech startup that helps high-impact nonprofits (US & Canada)

$50k – $75k • No equity
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Donorbox.org is a donation platform startup that serves over 30,000 nonprofits in over 30 countries. We’ve been growing steadily in the past few years, and these figures are rising. Every month, we process over $10 million for some of the world’s most impactful nonprofits!

In the short term, we’re working on adding text-to-give, payment methods, and CRM features to our platform. In the long run, our ambitions to change the world are high—we want to grow beyond a donation form to eventually become the main network and community for nonprofits and their supporters. We aim to increase global giving, especially for excellent nonprofits that slip under the radar.

Our 25-person Donorbox team is global and, despite being located in 10+ countries, works closely together with mutual respect and trust. We share ideas and feedback, and each person’s contribution is valued and credited. We’re different than most startups in one major way: our company values working smart vs. working crazy hours. We value work-life balance and aim to complete all our work within 40-45 hours a week.

We’re currently looking for a sharp, self-motivated individual based either in the US or Canada to join our Sales team. You should be passionate about sales, outreach, and helping nonprofits! As our second sales agent, you will drive effective sales processes, qualify and close deals, help our Marketing team generate leads, and keep our team informed about customer needs. Ideally, you have been part of a fast-growing B2B sales team and/or have SaaS/PaaS experience. This role is salaried with commission; commission is calculated as a percentage of the sales revenue, excluding payment processing fees.

You should be comfortable with these responsibilities:

• Conducting demos for high-value nonprofits
• Supporting quality inbound leads
• Building rapport with nonprofit prospects and understanding their needs
• Delivering our value proposition and overcoming objections
• Conducting occasional cold calls
• Helping our marketing team hone ideas and pitches
• Sharing customer needs and requirements with the rest of the team.

Our ideal candidate has:

• A track record of quantifiable sales wins (and the ability to explain how you measured and reached your results)
• Ability to learn and use our sales funnel and CRM
• Eagerness and ability to learn and handle highly technical topics
• A “can-do” and humble attitude
• A calm, confident, and honest demeanor towards our clients — not being too pushy or verbose
• Passion to learn and solve nonprofit customer requirements
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Ability to work remotely
• Experience on fast-moving, cross-functional teams
• Experience working or volunteering with nonprofits and religious groups is a plus, but not required.

Please include answers to the following qualifying questions in your application. Only applications with these answers will be considered.
1. What is one sales accomplishment you’re proud of?
2. What is your favorite aspect of sales?
3. When did you go above and beyond to close a deal?

If this sounds like the right role for you, please apply today! We look forward to hearing from you. :)