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The first marketplace for collaborative crypto-asset investment analysis

The first marketplace for collaborative crypto-asset investment analysis

Dolphin BI is a crypto-asset investment analysis platform based on a smart-contract. It enables users (Subscribers, Authors and Experts) to establish efficient collaboration in order to enhance ICO investment analysis. The platform consists of apps/widgets and corresponding data providers which can be developed by independent Author users and plugged into the platform. The platform combines advantages of data visualization, automatic analysis (machine learning) and expert analysis approaches. Reputation of Expert users and voting influence of Subscribers users are calculated in an auditable smart-contract which has a transparent update policy. Reward in DOBI tokens is distributed to Author and Expert users according to their contribution to the platform.

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Andy Varns

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Manager Director of Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence B.V. Head of the Financial University’s Blockchain Laboratory
Went to NRU HSE
Chief Dolphin at Dolphin blockchain intelligence - hiring talented people who is passionate on ICO investment analysis