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Mobile Solutions to Meaningful Connections

Mobile Solutions to Meaningful Connections

The Swift Mobile App (debuted at the Citi Mobile Challenge in 2014) empowers customers to directly book appointments with a personal banker according to their own schedules and needs. Furthermore, at each bank branch a specialized Bluetooth “beacon” will alert bankers through an iPad when their customer is arriving at the given time. They can then meet the customer at the door, greet them, and get straight down to business.

The bank representative will already be informed about who the customer is, their account details and their needs. The mobile app also eliminates the need for clients to swipe their bank card and enter their pin code. No lines. No more wait times. Bankers will have everything pre-populated on their iPad beforehand.

This translates into a tremendous value in-terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Productivity is set to go through the roof as the infrastructure is laid and the process moves forward.

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