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Pay-It-Forward Pet Sitting

Pay-It-Forward Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting and Pet Care Services is an annual $5 Billion Industry.

As a business owner, I make a solid middle class income but cost of pet sitting always had me scratching my head. I figured if I was having issues with the cost of pet sitting, how else is everyone doing it? Apparently a lot of pets get left home alone. According to ASPCA 7.6 million animals end up in shelters and of those figures, 2.7M adoptable pets are euthanized yearly.

Dogma solves a real problem by providing free pet sitting to neighborhoods. There is no need to pay for pet sitting, simply pay-it-forward. We have a point-system that tracks all Member actions. Dogma solves a real problem without sacrificing quality of life.

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Fevi Yu

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Founder & Chief Pet Sitter of Dogma.me.