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Secure client onboarding for professional services firms.

Secure client onboarding for professional services firms.

For consumers: a secure filing cabinet for documents that matter managed by companies that produce those documents. Ultimately a transaction portal controlled by the consumer. A new privacy paradigm that corrects the current asymmetry of information between companies and consumers. Security as a service (you pay for the level of security/encryption you require)

For businesses: ability to expand customer service to data management. Building trust and loyalty through transparency and customer service.

Daniel Stachowiak

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Founder and Managing Director of MyDocSafe.com; startup adviser (BookingBug.com a.k.a. Jrni.com, Psonar.com); private equity investor (Jupiter Asset Management)
Full stack developer, passion to think outside the box, desire to solve problems using IT and people skills, and wants to be part of an influential team.

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