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Digitising Healthcare: One prescription at a time

Jobs at DocOn Technologies

What we are building?

Our products enable doctors to write e-prescriptions and maintain comprehensive digital records for their patients. No more relying on pen and paper!

We also provide a comprehensive CRM, billing and analytics platform for doctors which enables them to increase revenue and improve the patient experience.

1200+ doctors have stored the medical records of over 2 million patients on our platform. That makes us one of the largest EMR platforms in India. Over 500k e-prescriptions are created on our platform every month.

Who we are?

We are a motley crew driven by the same goal - to help doctors deliver a 10x better patient experience. We have no mould for people - we welcome diversity in education as well as experience.

Our investors are Tier 1 VCs and we are partnered with some of the fastest growing healthcare companies in India.

What we can offer?

- An ego-free, idea meritocracy
- The freedom to execute your novel ideas
- Goals that will push you to the limits of your abilities
- The opportunity to impacts the lives of millions of people with the products you build

We also offer generous salaries and have a nice office :)