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Digitising Healthcare: One prescription at a time

Digitising Healthcare: One prescription at a time

Docon- Digitising Healthcare- the Smartest & Simplest way.

We are the largest EMR(Electronic Medical Records) platform in the Country.
Our products enable doctors to write e-prescriptions and maintain comprehensive digital records for their patients with best secured privacy standards. No more relying on pen and paper!

We are a Video Consultation platform between Doctors and Patients, enabling Doctors to seamless connect and advise patients online via video and chat.
Most downloaded Video Consultation App.

We also provide a comprehensive Appointment & Queue Management, CRM, Billing and Analytics platform for doctors which enables them to increase revenue and improve the patient experience.

15 Million E-Prescriptions and Counting
4000 + Doctors PAN INDIA so far
5 Million Patients and growing
We are growing strong, currently a team of ~200 DocOners

Frontend Developer (SDE-1/2)

Business Development Manager

React Native Developer

Business Development Manager

Relationship Officer (Customer Support - Voice & Chat)

Senior Product Manager

Vivek Iyer

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