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Mobile Medical Device

Mobile Medical Device

DizzyDoctor is a new revolutionary medical device that integrates the user's every day mobile smart phone into a medical device that helps the physician diagnosis the patient's Vertigo. Vertigo is one of the world's top misdiagnosed condition as most doctors have no idea what is actually going on. More than 80% of people will experience Vertigo at least once in their life and DizzyDoctor will help those, as well as educate them on what is going on inside their inner ear. Our program connects specialized doctors with patients who are experiencing this condition. This ensures that the patients are getting the best level of care. This also brings new patients to surrounding doctors which otherwise would have no other way of finding them. The system also plays a big role in the diagnosis as it records very important eye movements that Physicians need to see in order to make an accurate diagnosis. The system is very low cost to the patient as well as no cost to the register physician.

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