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Brighter nights and better days for a billion people !

Brighter nights and better days for a billion people !

DizzitUp is a startup founded in November 2018 with the mission to connect 2 million urban & peri-urban African households & small businesses to our digital and affordable solar energy, creating on yearly basis million $ worth of local wealth. DizzitUp will roll-out blockchain powered convergent solar electricity, internet access and decentralized digital services into 22 selected countries in #Africa in 5 years. 850M African people, out of 1,2B, suffer from very bad electricity quality, no access to the grids for 600 million people and very often lengthy outage (délestage) for everyone. Meantime, Africa spends more than $50B / Year in gasoil for fueling public and private power generators while oil is highly polluting and financially non-competitive. DizzitUp is tackling this issue with innovative technologies along with a disruptive new business model. We go beyond the old-fashioned centralized, capital intensive infrastructure model. Our digital solar energy platform enables decentralized, autonomous, carbon-free solar electricity production and reliable, outage-free internet access.

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Solofo Rafeno

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Founder & CEO of @Dizzitup, a blockchain powered autonomous solar home electricity and digital value-added finance services to households and SMBs in Africa.

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Worked at DXC technology,and Hewlett Packard in services and large governmenet projects involved in digital transformation