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As a team, we have a combined 10 years of transitioning restaurants to more sustainable practices, as well as a lot of traction in the Bay Area. We have a current partnership with Yelp, as well as (come January) 10 restaurants in SOMA SF. We also have a partnership with the Surfrider Foundation and Oceanic Global. We have been through the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Accelerator, been featured on the TV Show "Meet the Drapers," been written about in the Wall Street Journal, and had the SF Examiner write a column about our pilot. We are surfers, waste management junkies, and overall planet lovers who think that protecting the environment is the legacy we want to leave behind.

We also see a large economic opportunity in this space and we are very well positioned to capitalize on it. There are 16 waste reduction ordinances proposed in California that will reduce or tax single-use use take-out products (like coffee cups and to-go boxes). We have been on the forefront of this movement. Additionally, there is a global anti-plastics movement where consumers are looking for reusable alternatives, specifically in the food delivery and packaging space.

Another larger trend is food delivery, which is why we are concentrating on solving the logistics behind a "milkman model" in the food delivery space with strategic partnerships and trackable containers.

For comparison's sake, the same environmental community that targeted straws 5 years ago is now targeting restaurant packaging waste. This is an opportunity to enter at the ground floor of this global movement.
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Software Engineer


Posted 6 months ago

We are looking for a software engineer who may be interested in fulfilling the CTO role at Dispatch Goods. Master's students welcome, or anyone with experience.