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Senior Software Engineer - Backend

$150k – $200k • 0.001% – 0.2%
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Here’s a crazy idea: build a voice and text chat app people actually care about with a remarkable, creative, hilarious (read: insane) team.

Do you get excited about working on a distributed system with millions of concurrent users? How about writing and deploying code to it without any downtime? What about keeping API latency under 15ms? How about making sure the system handles failure and heals itself so the team can sleep at night?
If these are the kinds of problems that interest you, then we would love to chat.

What you'll be doing
-Participating in building and running a distributed, worldwide, real-time system that processes millions of events per second.
-Working with a modern tech stack built on GCE with Elixir/Erlang, Python, Go, Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, and a hint of C++ where appropriate.
-Architecting efficient and creative solutions to scale our backend systems.
-Deploying your own code.
-Building internal tools and libraries.

What you should have
-Minimum of 4 years experience building scalable backend systems.
-Experience working on, and deploying, large scale systems in Python, Go, -Elixir/Erlang, or other similar languages.
-Experience debugging a live production system.
-Self motivation and the ability to take a high-level goal and deliver shippable code.

Bonus Points
-Experience with the Erlang VM.
-Experience with Apache Cassandra or Elasticsearch.
-Experience with DevOps tools like SaltStack and clouds like Google Cloud Platform.
-Experience with WebRTC.
-Ability to build client side UI, in which case you’ll deliver full slice vertical features. In this case, you’ll work closely with design and frontend engineering teams.

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People you would work with in this role
Founded @OpenFeint. Programmed the first version myself. Grew the company as CEO to 7,000 games and 120,000,000 users. Sold it for $104 million after 3 years.

Eros Resmini

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Full Stack Mktg/BD/Sales/Ops Currently @Discord Early @OpenFeint, @CrossApps, @CustomerCentric Time @GREE International, @Hewlett-Packard, @GameHouse.

Fanghao Chen

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iOS & web dev

Sergei Sorokin

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Product @Discord (hiring), making VoIP and Team Communication suck less. Formerly mobile Growth @Yahoo. Product @MessageMe, @TinyCo, @Lolapps, @Facebook.

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