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A creative daily essential for soldiers suffering from PTSD

A creative daily essential for soldiers suffering from PTSD

Our product is raw non-psychoactive cannabis juice diffused in organic raw kombucha tea.The high concentration of raw cannabinoid acids in juiced cannabis, coupled with the perfect balance of fatty acids, could help improve cell function and reduce damage caused by free radicals. Additional benefits of raw, juiced cannabis include reduced inflammation and the facilitation of two-way cellular communication. Many cannabinoids also have anti-tumor properties which are readily available through the consumption of raw marijuana. Combine some with the immortal ancient elixir tea our research proved increase frequency of people when mixing both cannabis juice and organic kombucha. This could potentially become a juice in everyone's home. Research from many universities confirm research results of raw cannabis killing cancer cells and killing free radicals within minutes.
Founder @EcoDrops, Dino Juice

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