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Arranging same-day dates over food, & drinks.

Arranging same-day dates over food, & drinks.

Dindr is a dating app that arranges same-day and next-day dates over coffee, food, & drinks. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to go on a date, producing 10 times more dates per match than the leading apps.

Online dating is fundamentally broken and un-empowering for most people. Current dating apps are focused on arranging matches en masse, not dates. Between an unlimited number of choices, endless chatting with "pen pals" and a lack of focus on a proper outcome, people spend 1+ hours daily swiping to get nowhere, instead of meeting face-to-face.

Dindr combats these online dating problems with a time-bound, AI-powered date setup service. Using location, food tastes, and interests, Dindr empowers the user to easily and efficiently meet someone who interests them today, face-to-face, at a safe, centrally located, and mutually enjoyed location.

Adam Karren

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Co-Founder @ Dindr • Foodie • Higher Education • Skier

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