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AI powered Mixed Reality Headsets for Education, Enterprise & Defence.

Jobs at Dimension NXG

Dimension NXG is about building great things. We use the latest advances in Computer Vision combined with Augmented & Mixed Reality technology to evolve the tool we know today as the computer from a 2D screen to a 3D room. Our headsets create holograms to enable a new way to Learn, Communicate and define the space we see.

This is the beginning of AR/MR boom, and we seek to participate in defining what that future looks like.

Dimension NXG is a workplace that allows real work and responsibilities, giving you the autonomy to figure out how to go about them. We believe in empowering our people to lead and create. If you love to build things, want to be surrounded by bright minds and with the right resources required to thrive, Dimension NXG is the place for you.