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Back-End Developer

€40k – €70k • No equity
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Job description

Dimebox needs you to put the power of payments back into the hands of those who need it. Our clients are not able to optimize their business without us, and rely on our technology to stay competitive and deliver next-level consumer experiences to their customers. We are looking for a back-end software developer to help flesh out the only payment platform in the world that turns every player in the ecommerce market into a winner. Designing and building new modules, or improving the existing parts of the API will be some of your daily activities. The projects are real and the challenges often require non-trivial solutions, making teamwork a critical factor for our fast paced scrum teams.

There are exciting problems to be tackled in security, cryptography and artificial intelligence. Offering a global payment technology platform involves dealing with a number of third-party systems and services, so get ready to integrate a diverse range of external APIs!


- Build and design an API that developers find a joy to work with
- Integrate new payment methods, supporting services and innovative solutions provided by third-party systems into the Dimebox platform
- Deliver quality work in high-security and high-performance environments: The stakes are high. Our clients expect the best and we are true to our word.

Your profile

- Have a deep understanding of the evolving needs developers have when working with APIs
- Eager to develop and deploy skills in the payment arena and raise the bar of current technological functionality in that field
- Love to challenge yourself by working in high-security and high-performance environments
- RESTful API programming is in your blood, as you'll interact with a lot of third-party systems and services.
- Want to experience the latest developments in security, cryptography, artificial intelligence, databases, CI

Our stack

- NodeJS on the back, AngularJS 5 on the front
- Storage engines (or databases), SQL and noSQL
- Redis, MapD
- Kubernetes
- Apache Kafka
- gRPC
- Protobuf
- Jenkins, GIT

How we work

We are active people, working together with others who are different and willing to make a difference. We love people that want to learn about payments. That’s why we host our weekly Payments 101 sessions. Working here combines an autonomous workstyle with cooperative teamwork with people from diverse backgrounds. Every Friday we have another Knowledge Sharing session, with topics from marketing to fraud and machine learning to global partnerships. One day you’ll host your own knowledge session to help the rest of us understand something you know everything about!

What we’re doing

Dimebox delivers new payment technology that is designed to blow legacy solutions out of the water. Ecommerce businesses need a payment platform that offers complete control of the whole payment journey from a single touchpoint. That’s why we work on creating deep data insights, a rock-solid, scalable architecture, and build global integrations with payment methods and banks. Combine that with the highest security and reliability standards and you get an idea of the type of work that our developers do. We’re always looking for the best stack, the best way to scale, and the practises that make sure our platform performs to the standards of giant global clients that process millions of transactions every day.

Hiring process

True to our startup roots, we’re quite quick on our feet. We know the kind of talent we’re looking for and we’ll try to schedule a meeting with the right team members and management rapidly. You can expect a quick progression from the first meeting through other rounds and to the potential welcome into our team.

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