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Education and Entertainment for Family Media Collections

Full stack developer

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Digitree's mission is to help families regain control over their family media collections (photos, albums, home videos) that are sitting in shoeboxes, hidden in attics, and forgotten in basements. We work with our clients to gather, organize, preserve, and make accessible again all of those memories.

Our process relies upon the ability to efficiently manage both the physical and digital artifacts of a family media collection. We have developed a responsive web application with a serverless architecture for managing the digital archive of a collection, used by both Digitree employees to curate collections and by Digitree's customers to access their media collections online.

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our team and continue to find ways to improve the efficiency of our processing and to provide our customers with a joyful experience as they reconnect with their family's history through their collection.

Must Haves:
• Strong foundation in JavaScript, HTML5, and responsive web applications
• Ability to develop both front-end user interfaces in React, and to implement backend services atop AWS.
• Understanding of security best practices. Our customers entrust their precious memories to us, and it's our responsibility to keep them safe and secure.
• Ability to prioritize development efforts based on business needs. You will work directly with the founders to agree upon and implement the app's features.
• A track record of being able to estimate accurately the time it will take to implement a feature and to hit the goals for each milestone.
• A desire to continue to improve your skills and knowledge over time. Lifelong learning is a core value at Digitree.

Nice to Haves:

• Familiarity with Functional Programming practices. We believe that the FP style results in code that's easier to read, reason about, and test.
• Familiarity or experience with Graph Databases. We're not just storing pixels here; we want to help a family understand and navigate their history, and we intend to help build a rich Knowledge Graph for each family.

Technologies we're using today:

• React
• Babel
• Webpack
• Semantic UI
• GraphQL (Apollo Client)
• Docker
• AWS services:
o Cognito User Pools / Identity Pools
o DynamoDB
o S3
o API Gateway
o Lambda
o CloudFront
o AppSync
o CodePipeline

Languages we use:

• JavaScript (ES6)
• Python
• C++
• Bash
• AppleScript
Washington DC
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Education and Entertainment for Family Media Collections

Digitree.com focuses on Entertainment, Digital Entertainment, Archiving, Education Technology, and Artificial Neural Networks. Their company has offices in Washington DC. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://digitree.com

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