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Digitalogy is an “on-demand” matchmaking, product consulting and tech sourcing platform that connects business owners with the top 5% of pre-screened and vetted software talent across the globe. After becoming frustrated with the process of posting projects online, interviewing agencies and freelancers, and never knowing if the hired people would work out, we created Digitalogy.co to offer a better solution. Over the last few years, we have met service providers around the world (both onshore and offshore) and analyzed their portfolio, their programmers, and their previous clients'​ experiences. Based on their skill set, industry focus and pricing schemes, we connect companies with these trusted prescreened software development firms. This transparency lets businesses make a better & faster decision regarding which firm to go with for their respective projects. We are different from other freelancing and tech sourcing marketplaces as: * We save your time by not needing to go through 50+ profiles, websites, and portfolios. We shortlist 1–2 agencies for you which are a perfect fit for your needs. * The race is not to the bottom because we do not work with unreliable freelancers and rather work only with teams who are lean, cutting edge and have great credentials. * We are only working with top 200 odd teams at the moment so your project is always in the safe hands. The teams tend to be more cooperative and fast as we tend to blacklist those who are mediocre in their performances and client satisfaction. * Small projects are given to newly enrolled teams to check out their performance rather than big projects. The bottom line is to make outsourcing: Safer, Smarter and Faster. * Free: Tech consulting, growth hacking tips, investor pitch deck, matchmaking, project management, escrow* payments.

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