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Successful entrepreneur, investor, and executive. Direct to consumer marketing expert.

Sarah Trainor

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Digital Acquisition Specialist / Growth Hacker
Current: Co-Founder & CTO at @Ease Investor: @Hashicorp, @Haystack, @Hipcamp, Haus, Blue Bottle Coffee, and many more

Jay Speiden

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Founder @Button Press Editing, Jay Speiden studied at at Denison University before starting his career as an global digital production professional.

Vipul Sharma

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ceo/co-founder @Simppler Building a fearless team, bottoms-up culture and a delightful product at @Simppler worked at @Eventbrite, @Digg, @Proofpoint

Kevin Rose

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Technology investor.

Keval Desai

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VC @InterWest Partners ,Co-founder @ Achex (sold to First Data), Product Director @Google , Mentor @AngelPad, Angel investor - BSEE, MSCS, MBA

Juan Samsel

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I grew up at North calorina. As a child I use to play soccer on the weekends. Two things I never miss out on - https://t.co/JKBh7dS5rG
Currently taking some time off • Worked at @Venmo, @Digg, @Betaworks, @Modest, @PayPal, @Conde Nast Publications, @COXnet • Studied at @Wake Forest University

Will Larson

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Infrastructure engineering leader at Stripe, Uber, SocialCode, Digg, Yahoo.
User-focused product operator. Previously: Tinode, Badoo, TopProspect, Digg, Yahoo.
Serial startup tech exec. Previously VP Engineering Digg & Vast; Hacker/lead at Coremetrics, Trilogy
Start-up grower. BD, PM, and Sales at Digg, Glam Media, and Topsy. UT MBA. Currently, Dir, Digital Media Partnerships at Datalogix.
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Board members and advisors

David Sze

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OPERATOR - Prod Dev/Mkting ✦Excite@Home/SVP ✦Excite/SVP ✦Crystal Dynamics/Producer ✦EA/PM INVESTOR: ✦LinkedIn/Board ✦Facebook/Board Observer ✦Pandora/Board

Former team

Xavier Bessez

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Sissi Nie

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Tyson Rosage

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Andrew Hedges

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Brian Link

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T.J. DeGroat

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